The 2012 Volkswagen Jetta Has Mixed Reviews But Might However Be The Car For You.

The mixed reviews received by the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta reveal in its ranking of 27th out of 34 in the Affordable Small Cars category. This particular ranking is based on test drives of the Jetta and analysis of safety and reliability data from 32 published reviews. If you'd like to avoid feeling as if you are driving an inexpensive car, you have to get a package upgrade, although the basic 2012 Jetta has lots of room for passengers and a very large trunk.

During 2011, the Volkswagen Jetta has been redesigned, but the automotive press gave it lukewarm reviews for having a cheap interior, a boring exterior and only decent performance. The 2012 Jetta along with its base model lacks the power or interior quality that is expected of Volkswagen by way of the automotive press. The good points to present themselves from test drive reports were the base price being more affordable, the roomy back seating and a capacious trunk. Stepping up to the Jetta GLI will give you a more elegant interior and more engine power. Given that the engine is the same as inside the Volkswagen GTI, you're going to enjoy the car's performance, but it comes with a far heftier price tag. When prices are not a deterrent, go for the upgrade, otherwise gracefully accept the lesser power of the base model.

You'll notice many other cars which you might think about, such as the Hyundai Elantra, where you will get more interior features by sacrificing a little in performance. Bluetooth and a USB port are standard fitments on a model you can get for quite a bit less than the Jetta. You will discover an abundance of trunk space, and room in the back seat, and the alternative to upgrade to heated leather seats, which Jetta doesn't have. Given that smaller sized cars usually are more fun to drive than larger ones, you could try the Volkswagen Golf. It is possible to get a 4-door variant, as well as a 2-door hatchback, both rated highly for fuel economy. You will definitely get a lot more user satisfaction by deciding on an upgrade to the Golf's performance variant, the GTI, according to the reviewers.

You have 5 options to choose between with the 2012 Jetta; the S, SE, SEI, GLI and TDI models. The GLI is the only 2012 design that features notable changes. The top fuel economy belongs to the TDI since it features a turbo diesel engine. The GLI has the features the majority of Jetta users have desired, along with most of the traditional performance. The suspension system combines suppleness with sportiness, while the car's looks convey mass appeal. There is lots of space for luggage and passengers, but, when it comes to coping with balance and interior finish, the Jetta does not measure up to what we expect of Volkswagen. If you are ready to pay much more, the GLI does not have those problems.

The 2012 Volkswagen Jetta is a car that has mixed reviews, but that doesn't mean that one of the models is not right for you. Prior to buying your new car, you should take all the models for a test drive and spend some time doing research.


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